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The OKMath Framework Released

A couple weeks ago, I announced the new Oklahoma Test and Item Specification release for mathematics grades 3-8 and 10. Then I told you not to use them. The response was mixed. On one hand, there were responses from folks like Moriah Widener, one of Oklahoma’s most recent Presidential Award winners, responding with support: Thank […]


Oklahoma Test and Item Specification Documents Released

The long-awaited Item Specifications have finally arrived! You can easily access each grade level document by visiting Edit January 17, 2017: As a follow-up to this post, read The OKMath Framework Released.  The challenge now is deciding what to do with these documents. I see a number of districts across the state utilizing state testing […]


Assessment FAQ

Standards Curriculum Assessment in Oklahoma

This time of year brings a number of challenges in the classroom. The concept of time seems to become fluid, where class periods seem to go by in a moment and the week seems to drag on forever. The impossibility of achieving 100% attendance captures the concept of the asymptote with precision. And, obviously, the pressure […]


What Are You Testing?

[This post originally appeared on Random Teacher Thoughts. Anthony Purcell currently teaches 6th grade mathematics in Enid, OK.] Ok, I’m jumping on my soap box . . . well sort of. My students are currently working on Mean, Median, and Mode in class. It is a tested standard. For those who need a review: Mean: Average […]


Oklahoma Math 2014 Assessment Update

During this time of year, teachers are working their hardest to summarize three-quarters of a year worth of learning to ensure students are ready for the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test (OCCT) for grades 3-8 and the End of Instruction (EOI) tests for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. This process can be fun and exciting […]