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What is Equity?

Okay. I’m at a conference thinking A LOT about RtI, special ed, and equity. So, I’ve got a couple questions that I’d love you too take some time with… What is a productive way to think about equity in your class and school and why? What is an unproductive way to think about equity in […]


Learning Through Performance

Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity and the George Lucas Foundation have teamed up to create long-term performance tasks for 6th grade mathematics. They are looking for teachers who would be interested in being trained and implementing some of the units in their classroom. The training for it is fast approaching–July 27-31. There is […]


Oklahoma Math: Project-Based Learning Webinar

Telannia Norfar will host the monthly math webinar on Monday, June 15 at 6 p.m.. The webinars occur every third Monday of the month. This month’s webinar will focus on project-based learning in the math classroom. According to Buck Institute for Education, project based learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working […]


OCTM – Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Letters from the OCTM President Hello Oklahoma Math Teachers: I’m so excited to start monthly “letters from the OCTM President” on OKMath Teachers.  OCTM is the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  We are the local chapter of NCTM, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Members of OCTM get a variety of benefits including: […]


Top 5 Things Principals Need to Know to Support Math Instruction

[Lasso icon designed by Sam Neckles from the Noun Project] At some level, principals have always been the instructional leader of their building. With new assessments and standards, never before has this role been more important.  With the day to day paperwork mounting and parents or students always knocking at their door, when do principals have time to […]