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Professional Learning Communities via Social Media

  “The term professional learning community has become quite commonplace in education circles. The term describes a collegial group who are united in their commitment to an outcome. In the case of education, the commitment would be to student learning” Technology has provided educators with unlimited tools that make it possible to connect and teach […]


Calculator Policy Memo

Last Wednesday, March 19, I sent out the Calculator Policy Memo to provide some clarity on the many rules that are floating around regarding calculator use for this year’s test, this year’s “Item Tryout,” and next year’s test. Give it a read here: While this memo is quite helpful, there have been a few changes […]


A Justification for Digital Mathematics Portfolios

Today’s article was written by Ryan Burkett of Pioneer Technology Center. What does mathematical understanding look like? Reams of paper stuffed with calculations and correct answers could be an indicator that a student understands the mathematical elements involved in problem solving.  However, with the move toward Common Core State Standards, mathematics students must develop an […]


iOS App Reviews

With the number of education apps exploding, having access to a few of the websites out there that are keeping track and reviewing them is essential. So, we stole this list straight from underneath Scott McLeod… don’t tell him. In his post, he links to a great Google Docs that he updates occasionally with various websites […]


Top 10 Free Elementary Fraction Apps

The word “fractions” can immediately strike up fear in any elementary teacher or student.  The topic has been very misunderstood because of preconceived notions that students will never really understand it, so fractions were never really given a fair chance to be understood through conceptual and hands-on teaching.  With the new Oklahoma Academic Standards, it […]


Top 3 Clickers for the Math Classroom

When I started teaching, the biggest challenge for me was assessment. It seemed like I was always two to three days behind in discovering what my students knew or did not know. This all changed after a co-worker introduced me to remote response systems or clickers for short. We sat together as Butch Holland from […]



After an early morning drive to this year’s REAC3H Regional kickoff meeting in Lawton, my wife and I made the short drive to Wichita, KS to attend our first ever EdCamp. My review: 1) Lot’s of ed tech focus (maybe too much for me, but still great!) and 2) With a little education on how they work, this is the […]


Think Through Math 2013-2014

Think Through Math logo

Good Afternoon! Think Through Math is excited to be partnering again with Oklahoma State Department of Education! We are looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year.  Oklahoma schools can now take advantage of this award-winning math program for their students in 3rd Grade math through 8th grade.  The program and training for using Think Through Math will […]