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Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.30.45 AMThere are always great things that come out of collaboration with other teachers. This one idea of a Facebook page started last year blossomed into still one space for general news and questions, but now has all these seedling groups sprouting. Teachers who wanted to focus more on Elementary asked for and create the #OKMathElem page and still others were interested in more STEM type integration and created the #okSTEAM group.

I’ll admit that, with everything going on, I didn’t focus too much on that group. Once I was able to start browsing through and seeing some of the conversation, I was annoyed at myself for waiting that long. Math and Science integration always sparks some really valuable discussion and this page is no different. There is some awesome discussion going on in there, as well and constant stream of resource sharing. During the convening, one teacher, Kristen Deitz,  took the time to write up a few thoughts on the basics of STEM and is graciously sharing the resource with all of us. Thank You Kristen!

By Kristen Deitz:
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