Connecting With Other Math Teachers

Do you ever feel isolated as a math teacher?  Are you in need of new ideas for your math classroom?  Perhaps you are the only math teacher in your department or the only teacher with a certain prep.  Do you need help finding resources for teaching a certain topic?  Do you wonder how you might be more effective in your presentation?  Looking for ideas for integrating new technology into your classroom?

Great news!  There is a community of thousands of math teachers who are actively engaging in professional development through twitter and blogging.  These teachers are eager to share everything from classroom management tips to lesson ideas to honest reflections on what life in the classroom is really like.  A small group of these teacher bloggers and tweeters have formed a loose group called the MathTwitterBlogosphere.  This crazy sounding mouthful is usually abbreviated as the MTBoS (pronounced as “Mitboss”).  Several math teacher bloggers have joined together to create a site to introduce newbies to the MTBoS.  Visit the “Welcome to the MathTwitterBlogosphere” site to learn why you should join and how to take the leap.  Levi Patrick recently shared his own reflections on his personal experience with the MTBoS at the recently held Twitter Math Camp in Jenks, OK.

If this online community sounds intimidating, you need to know that Oklahoma math teachers have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with other Oklahoma teachers through the #OKMath Facebook page and OKMathTeachers.com.  The #OKMath Facebook page has nearly 1,700 followers, and these teachers are continually sharing resources and asking and answering the questions of other teachers.  In addition to the #OKMath Facebook page, you can also access Facebook pages for specific content areas and grade levels.  Here, at OKMathTeachers.com, we strive to be an open, accessible group that allows any teacher the opportunity to share ideas and learn from other teachers.  If you’re not ready to write a blog of your own, we encourage teachers to write a guest blog post to share with other Oklahoma math teachers.  Want to volunteer and help create content for other Oklahoma teachers?  Click here!

We want you to help us help you.  Leave us a comment about what you would like to see here on OKMathTeachers.com.  If there is any way we can help you, please let us know!

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