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In an effort to streamline subject codes and provide stronger guidance to districts, the Oklahoma State Department of Education will be making a few subject code changes for high school mathematics that may impact your local subject coding policies for the 2017-2018 school year.

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Subject Code Changes

A number of changes to the Oklahoma State Department of Education course codes for mathematics will go into effect for the 2017-2018 school year. These changes promote improved mathematics advising for all Oklahoma high school students. Revised course codes are provided below along with notes in an effort to reduce confusion around, and duplication within, course codes. Decisions about additions, deletions, and combinations are informed by the following four factors:

  • Factor 1 – Alignment to Current Standards
  • Factor 2 – Alignment to Best Practices Regarding Remediation and Support Structures
  • Factor 3 – Alignment to Advanced Mathematics Learning Opportunities
  • Factor 4 – Alignment to Best Practices Promoting Post-Secondary Readiness

Summary of Changes

  • All Geometry course codes (combined, contextual, plane, and solid) have been combined into Geometry (4520). Schools offering courses in non-Euclidean Geometry should do so after students have completed AP Statistics and/or AP Calculus courses. The new course code for Advanced Studies in Mathematics 1 and 2 (4830 and 4831, respectively) should be utilized for such a course.
  • Analysis (4720) and Pre-Calculus (4611) have been combined into the single course code of Pre-Calculus (4611). Courses in this classification can be inclusive of Trigonometry competencies (taught as a full credit) or separate from Trigonometry competencies (taught as a half credit)
  • Trigonometry (4750) is now only offered as a 1/2 unit. If being offered as a full-year course, please use Pre-Calculus (4611) instead. Some schools may choose to still offer one half unit for Trigonometry (4750) and one half unit for Pre-Calculus (4611).
  • Algebra Matrix (4420) and Analytics (4510) have been deleted. Course sequences extending beyond Algebra 2 should utilize courses such as Pre-Calculus (4611), Trigonometry (4750), Calculus (4611, 4615, or 4616), Statistics and Probability (4740 or 4760) or AP Computer Science.
  • Contextual Algebra and Geometry have been deleted. Read more about this decision and listed to the recent phone conference here.
  • Statistics and Probability (4740) can now be used as a College Prep course approved for graduation, college admissions, and Oklahoma’s Promise. Pre-requisite: Algebra 2 (4412). Competencies available at http://bit.ly/okmathtoolkit.
  • Schools with students who are taking courses beyond Calculus, AP Calculus AP, or AP Calculus BC can now utilize the new Advanced Studies in Mathematics 1 and 2 course codes (4830 and 4831, respectively).
  • The IB course codes have been updated to match IB’s actual offerings.
  • College Career Math Ready (4550) can now be used as a mathematics elective for students scoring a 13 to 18 on the math component of the ACT. Learn more at http://sde.ok.gov/sde/ccmr.

Local Course Codes

The decision to remove the subject codes should not interfere with the ability of a school to develop and utilize local course codes.

  • Just as schools have been able to offer courses such as Pre-AP or Honors Algebra 1, while coding such a course as Algebra 1 (4411), schools can still provide local courses such as Contextual Algebra 1. In this case, the course should be coded as Algebra 1 (4411), address the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Algebra 1, and the teacher must be certified in Oklahoma in the area of Intermediate or Advanced Mathematics.

Upcoming Conference Call

In consideration of how these subject code changes may impact Oklahoma school districts, the Oklahoma State Department of Education will be offering a conference call on April 28th from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • If you have questions prior to the conference call, please email your question to Levi.Patrick [at] sde.ok.gov with the subject line, “Math Course Codes Questions”.
  • On April 28th at 3:30 p.m. join the conference call using the following details.
    • Call: (712) 770-4035
    • PIN: 738550#
  • During the call, we will refer to notes on this Google Document. If you wish to utilize this feature, you may consider trying the link before the meeting begins.

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