Making Math Centers Work For You

Edmond Public School’s Elementary Math Content Specialist Robbyn Glinsmann

Edmond Public School’s Elementary Math Content Specialist Robbyn Glinsmann has spent this year supporting her teachers with implementing math centers. She graciously agreed to share her trainings and ideas with us and then took us into classrooms to show the very different styles the teachers adapted to their classes. Math centers, like any other strategy, has to be personalized by the teacher to best fit the students’ needs and teacher’s style. The following videos walk you through a variety of strategies for math centers. Each video also contains a look into a classroom and the teacher shares how she adapts one of the strategies to work in her classroom this year.


Part One: Math Stations Strategy and Sarah Burkhart’s Kindergarten class from Westfield Elementary

Super Math Centers Link Up

“What happened next amazed me! Instead of creating chaos in the classroom as I had imagined. I discovered that centers helped my students become even more focused on math instruction!” This blog talks about her experience of starting math centers/stations. She also links to several more helpful posts.



Part Two: Math Workshops and Andra Arterbury’s 3rd Grade at Will Roger’s Elementary

Part Three: Rotations and LaTasha Winthers’ 4th Grade at Sunset Elementary

Part Four: Class Center Procedures and Reflection Time

Part Five: Resources (a work in progress!) Check out the site, but know it has been changing as we find better ways to organize it!

Corrected Link: OKMathCenters.weebly.com

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