Curriculum Map and Pacing Guide Sharing Project

There once was a hope that we could somehow utilize Google Docs to collaborate on curriculum maps across the state… oh, how innocent and naive we were in those days! What we realized quickly is that collaboration really needs to be curated at a smaller level. Too many accidental deletions were happening leading to unhealthy amounts of cursing frustration for many of us.

In response to the positive feelings that most of us had about the opportunity to share these resources, I think it would still be great if we could find a way to share. We can figure out the collaborating part later. In trying to find a slightly better way, I’ve stumbled across the cool feature that DropBox has where a person can request files. It actually seems like a really cool way for teachers to handle assignments and such if they’re laptop enabled (though, I think DropBox could still improve the process just a little). So, I’ve created a table of all the grades and courses that had been represented in the Google Folder previously. For each grade/course, you can do two things. (1) Upload and (2) View. It’s really that simple…

If you have a map or great resource, name it so you and others will know what it is and then upload it into the appropriate grade/course by clicking that link. You’ll get a pretty straight forward prompt that will help you upload it.

If you’re just curious what resources have been shared for your grade, simply click the View link and you’ll land in the grade/course folder and should be able to find a couple resources there. Some of the high school courses are still a little sparse, however.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section!

Grade/CourseUploadView Maps/Guides
1st GradeUploadView
2nd GradeUploadView
3rd GradeUploadView
4th GradeUploadView
5th GradeUploadView
6th GradeUploadView
7th GradeUploadView
Algebra 1UploadView
Algebra 2UploadView
Intermediate Algebra UploadView
Math of Finance UploadView

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About the Author: Levi Patrick

I serve as the Director of Secondary Mathematics for the Oklahoma State Department of Education. This is my twelfth year in education and I am so happy to be surrounded by OKMath teachers who are so passionate, creative, and determined to do great things for mathematics education in Oklahoma.

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