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When we did our initial launch of PD On Your Plan (PDOyP…all the cool kids are are pronouncing without the Y)  for Elementary Math with the awesome Drab to Fab team, we told you it was the first of a 4 part series. We are now very happy to say that the first THREE parts are finished! That’s right, THREE! As promised, they are slowly getting better and better the more we learn how to do this. We are still not professional videographers, but improving.

The even more fantastic news is that more and more people are volunteering to do more PDOyP. There is a list that will keep us hopping and trying to get as much done as quick as possible. If you have an idea and would like to create one, we would love to hear your idea and work to get you some studio time. Since you are headed back to the classrooms now, we are being creative with the hours. I have teachers volunteering to come in evenings and even working to try some virtual recordings with the conference centers. Working around challenges is the fun part!

That being said…. drumroll please:

You will find all 3 courses set up in the Course “Math Tasks” on this page:

PDOyP Math Tasks

The accompanying documents are attached here, and have links, including QR codes, to get to the site linked above as well. I don’t consider these concrete documents, so as things come up and more people contribute, I will add to them and upload the revised versions. I will post and let you know when we make changes.




We hope you enjoy them and find some nuggets of wisdom and strategy to include in your teacher toolbox.

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