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Are you wanting to attend a professional development but your school doesn’t have the funds to send you? Do you want to implement a new strategy or tool in the classroom but no money? What would you do if your desires could be funded?

I am very familiar with this situation. Rather than admit defeat, I found a way to fulfill my desires. During my first two years of teaching, I learned the power of grant writing. I became the queen of grant writing. The most I  have been rewarded in one year is $25,000. Let me share with you three great grant opportunities for teachers:

Cox Communications: Innovation in Education

This grant has changed over the years. Initially it was $5,000 to educators where they provide service. Also, only one teacher per building could apply for the grant. This has changed to up to $10,000 and anyone in the building or an entire school can apply for the grant. It is a simple online process that is due April 1st every year. After receiving the grant, you get the opportunity to tour members of their selection committee through your school to share the impact of the grant. They enjoy meeting with students and I enjoy showing them how much their donations change students lives. You can apply for the grant at this link.

OERB Harlan Krumme Energy Education Grant

Thanks to this grant, I was able to get 9 GPS units so that my students can learn while moving. I still love using Geocaching to help students learn navigation (a lost skill) while also finding “math” treasures. Thanks to OERB’s $1,000 grant, I was able to implement this idea in my classroom. You have to attend an OERB workshop to qualify. The deadline for this grant is April 24th. You can apply for the grant at this link.

Fund for Teachers

Since I started teaching, I have been working to incorporate project-based learning in my class. It was not a popular topic 10 years ago like it is today. I spent as much money as I could on books but I really wanted to get formal professional development. I discovered fund for teachers would supply funds for professional development. Thanks to them, I was able to attend IMSA’s problem-based learning institute. Fund for Teacher’s application has closed for this year.  However, you can attend their webinars and discover how to apply in the fall. Here is the link for more information.


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About the Author: Telannia Norfar

I am a teacher at Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City. I also serve as the high school vice president for OCTM and a member of the OKMath Teachers Steering Committee. I am a National Faculty Member for BIE and President of Neither Near Norfar Consulting.

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