Oklahoma Math Webinars Fall Line Up

If you have been following OK Math Teachers, you know that we have partnered with OKCTM to offer monthly webinars. The webinars discuss various topics related to improving mathematics education in the state of Oklahoma. The webinars occur every third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. CST. Telannia Norfar, a teacher at Northwest Classen, is the host. Periodically, the webinars will have a topic that is viewer’s choice. To submit a topic or strategy that you would be interested in viewing, go to the following link.

The fall line up is now set. The topics vary but are based upon the input of various math teachers from across the state. Below are details of the webinars. Click on the links below to sign up.

September 21: Viewer’s Choice
This month is viewer’s choice. This month’s choice is inquiry. Learn how to convert your classroom to be more inquiry based so that students can discover concepts rather than being told. There will be another viewer’s choice in the spring of 2016. Sign up for the webinar at the following link.
October 19: Number talks
This month is Number Talks. This is an instructional strategy that is applicable at the elementary and secondary level. It develops students understanding of quantities and numerical relationships. Learn how to incorporate this 15 minute strategy in your daily classroom routine. Sign up for the webinar at the following link.
November 16: Difficult Concepts Made Easy
This month is difficult concepts. The concepts are from the results of a survey taken at Complete the survey by November 1st. Various teachers will share how they help students learn those difficult concepts. Sign up for the webinar at the following link.
December 21: Great Ideas for Second Semester
This month is great ideas for 2nd semester. Discover classroom routines, activities or strategies to implement in 2nd semester. Sign up for the webinar at the following link.


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About the Author: Telannia Norfar

I am a teacher at Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City. I also serve as the high school vice president for OCTM and a member of the OKMath Teachers Steering Committee. I am a National Faculty Member for BIE and President of Neither Near Norfar Consulting.

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