Oklahoma Teacher Created Math Tasks

We are currently doing workshops for Math and ELA across the state. One of the goals for my 3rd – 5th Grade Math session is that teachers work together to create Math Tasks that Promote Real Problem Solving and Reasoning. Once the workshops are over in November, I will focus on getting them all in one resource from Oklahoma Teachers for Oklahoma Teachers. Until that is completed, I will post them on here as I type them up so you will have access to them.

Warning! This is not your typical lesson plan! The goal of these math tasks is to allow for students to be the ones doing the majority of the thinking and problem solving. They are not given the step-by-step instructions ahead of time like many of them are used to. Choosing to fight the battle of creating thinkers is not an easy one, but it is purposeful one. Also, this task, centered on problem solving, is designed to milk as many objectives from one scenario versus completely 20 problems on one content skill. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and need for practice and direct instruction of skills, but these focus on problem solving.

Here are the first couple:

2 MBClass Pet Problem 2 MBCreate a Box Math Task 4 MBPumpkin Guts Math Task 3 MBField Trip Planning 2 MBCanned Food Drive

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