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Dan Meyer - Perplexity

Capture Perplexity
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While Dan Meyer’s presentation starts with a focus on technology, he explores tools that help him create great learning opportunities for students. His talk has many implications for the instructional design process and how he so desperately pursues perplexity.

[Read Dan’s original post about his CUE Presentation here.]

As he begins to make sense of perplexity [around 7:53 in the video], he juxtaposes it with boredom, confusion, and engagement, saying, “Perplexity comes along once in a while. What is it? It’s when a kid doesn’t know something, wants to know that thing, and believes that knowing that thing is within her power.”

He runs through RSS feeds, social bookmarking, writing down ideas (ideating), taking pictures, various hardware, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Final Cut, Keynote and others. He challenges us to think about what it takes to grow in the classroom, perhaps using blogs, twitter, and other social media outlets to share our experiences. Even for the non-tech savvy, there is a deep well in his talk.

Even though the three points are quite salient on their own, you should find a time to steal away and listen to what Dan has to say. If you’re not convinced, here’s one of my favorite quotes from the video: “Turning gummy bears into fireworks! Are you kidding me man?! Are you kidding me? Teach me! What is this potassium chlorate of which you speak?” – Dan Meyer

{If you only have 3 minutes, cut right to the chase at 42:41.}

Just in case you don’t know Dan already, check out his blog and his TED Talk immediately.

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