OKMath Vision 2013-2014

With so many components of education changing in these recent years, it is my mission to provide guidance for mathematics teachers, their leaders, professional development providers, and anyone who impacts mathematics education. While some of the topics discussed within this document are left to the discretion of the local school, I strongly believe that a shared vision for mathematics education and a shared experience for mathematics educators across the state, regardless of the size of their math department, will lead to a greater number of students who find joy in mathematics.

The three components of my vision are introduced below and are detailed out in the official OKMath Vision 2013-2013 document.

111 kBOKMath Vision 2013-2014

For the school year 2013-2014, the major work of transitioning to the new Oklahoma Academic Standards is upon us. Three goals have been defined to focus the development of mathematics educators across the state; (1) Fluency and Competence, (2) Instructional Design, and (3) Supporting All Students. Each has an Essential Question followed by a numbered set of Guiding Statements including reference to its overarching Goal.

With change coming from all directions, it is imperative that Oklahoma math educators actively work to solve problems, voice their opinions, and to create the outcomes they wish to see. As educators, we have the experience and expertise to shape the future of math education in Oklahoma. Four projects are outlined here, which I believe to be the first steps in empowering educators to share what is working and improve what is not. Each project is presented with its Vision Statement followed by a bulleted list of project objectives.

With over 1,700 school sites across the state of Oklahoma, it is essential to the success of the #OKMath effort that mathematics educators have access to the newest, most accurate information, discuss ideas and share resources, and search out educators who are in similar scenarios that might be able to offer support. Three projects are outlined here to help connect mathematics educators far and wide. Each project is presented with its Vision Statement followed by a bulleted list of project objectives.

It is incredibly important to note that this is certainly not a mandate or meant to cause you any stress in any way. I want this to give you insight into where I hope to go with mathematics education in Oklahoma and to submit it to all of you to improve. If nothing else, I hope this will be a glimpse into my strategy and what I am spending a lot of my time doing. As you’ll see in Project 3 of the CONNECT(ed) Component, I intend for this document to undergo careful revisions each year by OKMath Teachers who are invested in the future of mathematics education in our state. Please share your thoughts about this document at

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About the Author: Levi Patrick

I serve as the Director of Secondary Mathematics for the Oklahoma State Department of Education. This is my twelfth year in education and I am so happy to be surrounded by OKMath teachers who are so passionate, creative, and determined to do great things for mathematics education in Oklahoma.

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