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The long awaited resources…

… well long if you were in one of the first sessions. Not so much if yours was this week! The tour is almost over. It is bittersweet to know we are wrapping up the PASS Plus Academies. It has been an amazing journey meeting educators around the state. You are a truly dynamic group of teachers who are building a foundation in the lives of children that will help shape who they become. I feel more confident in our future with every conversation we have about what you are doing in your classrooms. Oklahoma children are blessed to have such a great bunch of teachers!

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff, here is what you actually came to the blog for ūüėČ


2 MB10 Frame Posters – Black & White – 1 through 102 MB10 Frame Posters – Black & White – 11 through 20Thanks for creating and sharing these Christie! 108 kBblank 5 and 10 frames75 kBdot pattern cards111 kBPacking Candies782 kBAlignment-Guide-1st-3rd-Grade-981 kBPASS-Vertical-progression-PK-2-


1 MBsnail in a well student solutions631 kBmath teaching practices730 kBAlignment Guide (3-5 Grade)1,013 kBPASS-Vertical-progression-2-5


PASS Standards

Math Task Idea Starters



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