NCTM Twitter Book Study

NCTM’s Principles to Actions is a small book that packs a powerful punch in the world of teaching Mathematics. Thursday evenings starting June 19th, NCTM will host a twitter discussion on just a few¬†pages. This is a chance for educators across the nation to collaborate and brainstorm together. Everyone knows my obsession with the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice, just as a teaser, I will let you know that this book contains Standards for Mathematical TEACHING. Intrigued? Good! Join us all on Thursday evenings this summer. All t.v. shows are on reruns anyway ūüėČ


  • Twitter Tag: ¬†#NCTMP2A
  • Q&A Format
  • Thursdays ¬†9pm Central Time
  • June 19 ¬†Pages 1-23
  • July 3 ¬† ¬† ¬†Pages 24-41
  • July 17 ¬† Pages 42-58
  • July 31 ¬† ¬†Pages 59-108
  • Aug 14 ¬† ¬† Pages 109-118


About the Author: Jennifer Lamb

Director of Elementary Math Oklahoma State Department of Education

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