Start Here

New to Here’s a checklist of first steps you can take to get involved with our community!

  1. Check out the OAS-Math Toolkit (shown right) that summarizes even more amazing resources for you!

    Math Toolkit

    The OAS-M Toolkit @

  2. Join the #OKMath Facebook group
  3. Subscribe to the #OKMath mailing list.
  4. Subscribe to the OKMath Podcast on iTunes.
  5. Check out the PD On Your Plan Short Courses we’re working on.
  6. Join the Task Force effort.
  7. Check out the amazing resources and tips that have been “rounded up” by other OKMath teachers.
  8. Get acquainted with the #OKMath Twitter community by using the hashtag #OKMath
  9. Read the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics
  10. Look for upcoming PD opportunities in your region
  11. Visit fellow states’ resource pages – for example, New YorkArizonaGeorgia, or Ohio
  12. Review assessment prototypes from PARCC
  13. Get connected to the Oklahoma and National Councils of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM, NCTM)
  14. Learn How to Google Drive
  15. Share information for parents developed by the National PTA and the Council of the Great City Schools
  16. Check out this running list of Frequently Asked Questions – in fact, start a free Evernote account and add the FAQ to your OKMath Notebook. Then you’ll get updates any time a new FAQ is added.
  17. Bookmark this site and the OSDE Math page…you won’t regret it.