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Don’t Underestimate Unit 0

With the year underway, we’re trying something new in Oklahoma that I think you should know about. For each and every grade level covered by our new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics, we’re recommending that teachers across Oklahoma spend their first week (or so) engaging their students in mathematics activities that inspire students and give […]


Our Units Keep Getting Better

By now, you’ve hopefully seen the wonderful work of the OKMath Framework. I bragged about it here and made a little intro video about it here. It’s been a lot of fun to work on this project for the last 18 months and we’re through-the-roof excited about the work that we’re starting to share from […]


#13 OAS-M Update and PDOYP

March 31, 2016 The new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics have been officially approved! In this episode, Robbyn Glinsmann and Levi Patrick talk about where we are with the new standards, discuss assessments, textbooks, and implementation strategies. You can listen to the podcast and follow along with the slides below. Links from Podcast: OSDE Standards Page […]


Welcome Robbyn!

It’s not a small thing when someone chooses to leave their job and make their way to the hallowed halls of the Hodge Building here at 23rd and Lincoln. And yet, passionate educators continue to make the leap when their motivation and the circumstances intersect. We are just now at one of these intersections having […]


Math Teaching Practice 2

[This post is a part of series on the Eight Mathematics Teaching Practices. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know the Eight Mathematics Teaching Practices, start with an introduction here. You can check out Practice 1 here. We also did a survey about the Teacher and Student Actions you can read about […]


OKMath 2014 Survey Responses

Here’s how I like to explain it… I had this crazy idea to send out an enormous survey and somehow there were over 100 crazy math teachers in Oklahoma who actually filled it out! Like Jeff Lay, Anthony Purcell, and so many others, I fell in love with NCTM’s Principles to Actions (link) almost immediately. […]


PASS Plus Resources ~ Elementary

Apple by Stephen JB Thomas from The Noun Project

The long awaited resources… … well long if you were in one of the first sessions. Not so much if yours was this week! The tour is almost over. It is bittersweet to know we are wrapping up the PASS Plus Academies. It has been an amazing journey meeting educators around the state. You are […]


Connected to STEM

Collaboration and Connection There are always great things that come out of collaboration with other teachers. This one idea of a Facebook page started last year blossomed into still one space for general news and questions, but now has all these seedling groups sprouting. Teachers who wanted to focus more on Elementary asked for and […]


Principles to Actions: An Introduction

This week I had the great honor to present at the 2014 Oklahoma CareerTech Conference for STEM Education held at OSU-Tulsa. I was asked by Sara Wright, my esteemed counterpart at Career Tech, to present on my favorite free calculator, Desmos, and on the new landmark publication from NCTM, “Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematics Success for […]


Standards Companion Guides ~ Elementary

Apple by Stephen JB Thomas from The Noun Project

Oklahoma’s Summer Consortium is a time set aside in the summer for educators to come together, brainstorm for and create resources they would use in their classrooms and then share those with the rest of the state. This year, with HB3399, the educators decided we needed a starter document to refresh our minds about PASS […]