Think Through Math 2013-2014

(Announced by the OSDE on July 29, 2013)

Good Afternoon!

Think Through Math is excited to be partnering again with Oklahoma State Department of Education! We are looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year.  Oklahoma schools can now take advantage of this award-winning math program for their students in 3rd Grade math through 8th grade.  The program and training for using Think Through Math will be provided at no cost to the school.

With the coming school year in mind we would like to give schools the opportunity to request seats (NOTE: a “seat” represents access to Think Through Math for one individual student). The link provided here will allow you to fill out the required survey to start the seat request process. The survey needs to be completed by August 9th. Any survey received after August 9th will go into our second round of seat allocations to be closed on September 6thwww.thinkthroughmath.com/oklahoma

The selection criteria for seats are: allocation to targeted groups, quality of previous usage, and testing data. Please be aware we fully expect more seats to be requested than are available and as a result we may have to deny some request.

Think Through Math is a research-based math intervention system designed to support students who are struggling with mathematics. The program transitions students to the rigor of the Common Core State Standards and prepares them for Algebra and beyond. Think Through Math uses a powerful blend of Web-based, adaptive instruction and LIVE, state-credentialed teachers, Think Through Math transforms the way students think about–and think through–mathematics.

If you have any questions please let me know. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming school year.


Emily Robertson
Lead Program Manager Oklahoma
Think Through Math
Unprecedented Differentiation for Grades 3 – Algebra 1
Winner of the 2012 CODiE:  Best Math Instructional Solution!

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About the Author: Levi Patrick

I serve as the Director of Secondary Mathematics for the Oklahoma State Department of Education. This is my twelfth year in education and I am so happy to be surrounded by OKMath teachers who are so passionate, creative, and determined to do great things for mathematics education in Oklahoma.

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