Learning Through Performance

Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity and the George Lucas Foundation have teamed up to create long-term performance tasks for 6th grade mathematics. They are looking for teachers who would be interested in being trained and implementing some of the units in their classroom. The training for it is fast approaching–July 27-31. There is a stipend involved. If you are interested, contact Ruth Chung Wei, SCALE Research Director, at (650)723-3899 or rchung@stanford.edu, or Rebecca Deutscher, LTP Project Director, 650-497-1510 or rdeutscher@stanford.edu

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About the Author: Telannia Norfar

I am a teacher at Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City. I also serve as the high school vice president for OCTM and a member of the OKMath Teachers Steering Committee. I am a National Faculty Member for BIE and President of Neither Near Norfar Consulting.

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