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There is nothing quite like working alongside your fellow teachers. For me, my most inspirational moments and groundbreaking ideas happen in the company of other math teachers from around the state. This site is a testament to our creativity.

The opportunity: Connect OKMath teachers so they can share ideas, resources, best practices, and all sorts of stories to help us all hone our craft.

The solution: Create a site that links to the best of the best; one that is a product of a shared vision of OKMath teachers who worked at the 2013 Summer Convenings hosted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to provide useful resources for math teacher all across the state.

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Our founding members include:

Kimra Bernhardt
Brenda Cooper
Julia Tiller
Julie Owens
Larri Veit
Amy Armbrister
Carrie Steele
Michelle Berryman
Trishia Masterson
Christie Paradise
Rita Breashears

Elizabeth Sonnenfeld
Rebecca Rubio
Shea Roper
Rebecca Welch
Candace Montgomery
Crystal James
Jamie Massey
Darrell Hanks
Kari Quigley
Rhonda Bennett

If you are interested to serve as a Comment Moderator, Contributor, or Editor for this site, please click the link below. Our team will discuss and consider adding you to one of our teams. Please be patient with us. Right now we are very small, but we intend for this to be available for all math teachers who want to contribute.

Volunteers Wanted

Welcome and enjoy!