PD on Your Plan- Math Tasks

Math Tasks

Elementary Math PD on Your Plan ~ This professional development style is designed with the needs of teachers in mind. It is rich in valuable information, chunked in small enough parts that can be completed during school time, planning times or meetings, and it is designed in order that teachers can work independently, in small groups, or online with other teachers.

Part One – From Drab to Fab

Taking Ordinary Word Problems and Creating a Problem Solving Task

Moriah Widener and DeAnne Finley presented their work on From Drab to Fab during their coursework for Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialist certification (what is that?) and after presenting for OCTM, Moriah and DeAnne agreed to be videoed for PD on Your Plan and share with the rest of Oklahoma’s teachers. They have since taken this idea and blossomed it into a four part series that they are excited to share with you.

This sessions consists of two parts; a video and a document. They are designed to work together. As you view this video, you will be prompted to pause and think. Please pause the video and think about the reflection questions listed on the document. There are also some links to resources that will help guide in your research to dig deeper into the topic. Explore them whenever is best for you. They are not necessary to view the next section in this video. Please forgive the imperfections in the video. This was our first attempt and they will get better as we learn the software!


  Coming Soon! Part Two: How to implement Math Tasks in the Classroom