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If you haven’t already seen the Companion Guides 2014 the teachers at the convening at the beginning of summer started creating for Grades 1-5, pop on over here and check them out. Remember they are ever evolving as we add more material. The group is working on a document for vocabulary and consistency to add also. I will post the updated ones and mention it via our Facebook and Twitter communities too.

In addition to that we had PD on Your Plan Team working on the following ideas:

(visit our initial launch: click here)

  • They created a list of topics and assigned roles. These topics include: number sense for primary and intermediate, fractions, integrating Math into other subject areas, math talks, problem solving and many more. We are always looking for people who want to share what they are doing. Don’t be shy to jump in with us!
  • They have created a new Facebook community for Oklahoma Elementary Math Specialists and Coaches. They have started creating resources to reach out and connect those going through the different programs, support those who are finishing up their specialist degree in efforts to be mentors for those starting the programs, etc. Very exciting stuff!
  • They have filmed various parts to the problem solving and interactive notebooks PDOyP programs that now need to be edited. If you ever doubt that teachers have superpowers…ask me one day exactly what all this entailed (laundry rooms and Oklahoma Highway Patrol keeps the story interesting). Keep in mind it takes about an hour of editing to make a minute of video, so trust me when I say I am working on them! 🙂 I will get them out to you as fast as possible.

And Secondary, if you clicked on this little post, you have a volunteer to make one on using calculators! How awesome is that!!

Bonus: we will link all these to appropriate places in the companion guides….. we are getting fancy!

AND…. all that in 3 days   Oklahoma Teachers Rock!


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Director of Elementary Math Oklahoma State Department of Education

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