OKMath 6-12 Engines (v. 1.0)

An amazing group of educators gave up their personal time to attend this year’s Summer Convenings, held in May and July in Oklahoma City. This group is responsible for this website, the OKMath Mythbusters document, the Elementary Wiki and Emphasis Documents, and more. Now, we are proud to release the OKMath Engines for Middle School and High School. These are just the first iterations, so we are definitely hoping that some of you who have a knack for Excel will help improve these.

136 kBOKMath Middle School Engine (v 1.0)337 kBOKMath High School Engine (v 1.0)

If you aren’t an Excel wiz, I also created some PDF versions of the spreadsheets. Of course, this means you’re missing out on the power of these engines, but I think this will be a great start for you.

98 kBOKMath MS Engine (v 1.0) 6th Grade83 kBOKMath MS Engine (v 1.0) 7th Grade72 kBOKMath MS Engine (v 1.0) 8th Grade92 kBOKMath HS Engine (v 1.0) Algebra 167 kBOKMath HS Engine (v 1.0) Geometry86 kBOKMath HS Engine (v 1.0) Algebra 2

And finally, one of the coolest resources so far is provided from We’ve included all of the Problem Based Lessons and Resources for 6th-8th Grade in the Middle School Engine, but haven’t quite got there in the High School Engine. Of course, you can go straight to the source by visiting

The links are currently not working on the 6th-8th Grade Resources. If you search the title of the resource along with the name in parentheses, you will likely find the correct resource. A new version will be coming out soon. Also, you can download the MS Engine and the links work fine there.

51 kBOKMath MS Engine (v 1.0) 6th Grade Resources50 kBOKMath MS Engine (v 1.0) 7th Grade Resources54 kBOKMath MS Engine (v 1.0) 8th Grade Resources

As always, please leave a review or comment below! Thanks!

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About the Author: Levi Patrick

I serve as the Director of Secondary Mathematics for the Oklahoma State Department of Education. This is my twelfth year in education and I am so happy to be surrounded by OKMath teachers who are so passionate, creative, and determined to do great things for mathematics education in Oklahoma.

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  • The links for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 were not placed in the spreadsheet yet. You can go to to find a ton of great links for each of these courses.

    For the sorting of maps, there is a maroon cell that says Toggle Curriculum Maps. There should be a very small box or +/- button above that column. When you click that, the hidden columns will show up. Then you can click the little filter button to sort from A to Z to get it in order.

    • Hey Levi,
      I was wondering if they would be making pacing guides for 6th -8th Grade and Algebra 1 that would be like the one called OKMATH K-5 Pacing. I have seen the ones on emergent math, but I really like the way the ones for K-5 are set up.

      • @pdavis – right not that is not in the works. The secondary group of teachers who attended the convening worked to provide guidance through the Excel sheets primarily. EngageNY has some really great curriculum models available at You might try there. If you’d like to work together, I’d be happy to work with you and I’m sure we could find some other interested teachers.

  • This website is awesome.

  • Is there additional information available regarding the “curriculum maps” (CCSS Suggested Pathway Model, DANA Model, and OK Teacher Suggested Pathway Model)? The HS engine has a cover sheet with links (though they don’t work the way expected), but the MS engine is lacking the depth of explanation to make the tool as useable as it appears it could be. Your help is appreciated.

    • Hi Gina – What kinds of information are you looking for regarding the “curriculum maps”? I agree that the links are very slow to open, but double clicking on the link should work. I believe the teachers who developed the Engines had hoped that they would provide a framework that a teacher could take and make their own. You can create a new pathway based on your expertise and preferences and re-sort the standards to meet your needs.

      Because the document was developed before Oklahoma announced we are no longer participating in PARCC, there is information in the Middle School Information related to the PARCC Evidence Statements. I agree this is confusing. We are hopeful that Excel-savvy teachers will improve upon the engine so we might be able to release a Version 2.0 this summer.

      Please let me know what your specific questions are and I’ll certainly try to help!


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